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Vista Media Player Cannot Play mms:// Stream

OK. Windows Media Player 11.0 (WMP 11) does not support mms:// protocol any more. So your Vista will never play mms:// stream. Stop wasting your time on searching for a solution.

If you are using XP, you may reinstall Windows Media Player 10.0. But you won’t have chance to downgrade Vista’s WMP 11 to WMP 10.

If the mms:// stream seems to be working for your Vista, it’s not. In fact, the stream media server supports rstp:// protocol stream, and WMP try to rollover mms:// to rtsp:// or http://.

That is my conclusion after reading tons of web pages about Vista’s Media Player on mms. If my conclusion is wrong, please correct me.

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True Color Remote Desktop Connection

If you use Windows’ Remote Desktop Connection a lot, you will find that the UI is a little ugly. In fact by default, the Remote Desktop Connection is in 16 bit color mode. In order to have a better experience, it would better setup a true color remote desktop connection. Here are instructions for you.

For Windows Vista users, you already have the latest remote desktop clients, so you can make sure that your connection’s “Options” is using “High Quality (32 bit)” color in “Display” tab, and using “LAN (10Mbps or higher)” in “Experience” tab.

If you are using Windows Vista Professional or Windows Vista Premium, you may following similar instructions of “Enhance Terminal Services’ Color Depth by MMC” to make your connection become true color (24 bit) connection. If you are using Windows Vista Home Edition, you can use registry editor to add a key as following:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Terminal Services]

Or you can download the registry file VistaTerminal24bitColor.reg and merge it into your system.

If you are using Windows XP or 2003, you need to upgrade your Terminal Services Client to 6.0. And then following the above MMC enhancement instructions or add a new key in registry:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\WindowsNT\Terminal Services]

Or you can download the registry file XPTerminal24bitColor.reg and merge it into your system.


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Moving Server Lesson

1. Moving server from IP to another IP may have a lot of problems. DNS may not be totally updated to all of visitor. So keep the old server running as possible.
2. Old content should not be removed immediately. Some visitors may visit your page directly and get cached *.html, which will try to visit old resources. Lots of 404 responses will occur.
3. Every page should be tested. Or bugs will fly all over.
4. All operations should be record so the next time, you can follow last time’s steps to save time.

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Eclipse Plugin Central Website, Aweful Design!

If you ever visit Eclipse homepage, you may notice that Eclipse homepage embeds plugin updates news from Eclipse Plugin Central ( If you try to visit the news by the given link, you may find that the page loads very very very SLOW!

Why? Open the the page source, you will see that it generates all 900+ plugins in the source! And the *.html file size is up to 200+k. And worse thing is that every page in Eclipse Plugin Central is the same with 200+k HTML file! Every page!

Besides it was once hacked by someone and its functions were buggy, such 200+k HTML pages design in Eclipse Plugin Central must be listed as #1 of aweful designs that I have ever seen.

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Winmail.dat in Thunderbird

I am puzzled a lot when I got emails with winmail.dat attachment, which is unknown file type attachment in my Thunderbird. Here is the solution for this annoying winmail.dat:

Go to, follow it instructions to download the “LookOut” add-on for Thunderbird, and attached files inside winmail.dat will be listed and be recognized and be opened with existed programs.

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Transferring Data Between Two Human Minds

In Steve Pavlina’s article 10 Weaknesses of Human Intelligence, he mentioned one thing:

Poor networking capabilities – Transferring data between two human minds is slow, tedious, and error-prone, and the protocols are beyond confusing. It’s a safe bet that Microsoft is involved.

It is not mentioning “Microsoft” the reason I quoted his thoughts. I think not only Microsoft is trying to improve the capabilities for transferring data between two human minds, lots of other companies are also devoting in such works. For example, QQ ( in China), MSN, AOL, Google Talk and other instant messenger company are trying to help people communicate with each other. And these days, lots of social network websites are online helping people to have a better relationship online or offline. I could say that this is a big direction for IT future.

And I am thinking about in which ways there are needs of innovations for transferring data between two human minds. IMHO, some big companies may already be on their ways.

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Pin Your Firefox Favorite Tabs

I always have many tabs (10+) open. I found that I was switching to some of tabs, like GMail, from time to time. In cases, I have to click tabs’ drop-down button on the upper right corner, and select them from the pop-up menu.

If possible, I would like to manage a list of my favorite tabs and pin them on the left of tab bar if they are open.

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Zhou Renjian, the author of this blog, is also the initial contributor of open source Java2Script project. He is from Shanghai, China. He has years of Java and JavaScript experiences. He began programming about 10 years ago, back to 1997.

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