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About how to manage a project

“Code like you won’t be there tomorrow”

Today, I came up with Doug on the Eclipse CDT’s “Code like you won’t be there tomorrow“. I liked its ending very much:

You can create the best system ever, and people will appreciate it while you’re there, but they may end up cursing you if you disappear and leave it in their laps.

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Executing is VERY Important

Finally, I realized that ideas is much less important than executing.

You may have some brilliant ideas, but you can’t work it out? Or you can’t make your guys to work it out in a short time? You ideas will wane away.

Colleague is much important for both company’s future and one’s job career. To choose a company, one must also take partners as a factor that one should consider.

Smart people should not spend their times trying to fix the bugs left by normal or dummy people. Or your times will be wasted.

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RSE Sucks

I do think that Remote System Explorer (RSE)? sucks for its plugin management. Too many small size (about 10k – 20k) plugins, about 42 plugins (about 30 core plugins), while all Eclipse SDK plugins number is 141.

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Focus On Your Key Problem

Always place your most skilled developers to the key problem. No matter the developers like to dive into the problem or not. Don’t place too much expectation on those fresh developers for the key problem. Or, you will get an answer that they can’t solve the problem months later and you can’t say anything on them. And all you have to do is to delay the project. To put another skilled developer to replace the unskilled one months later may hurt a lot! But don’t hesitate to do so. Or your project is in danger.

This is a lesson learned from my current group on task of debugging. I regret that I chose other tasks rather than debugging months ago. And at that time, a fresh developer was assigned to debugging. And now we are all waiting for a more robust debugging but should never come out months later by that developer. And I have to learn all the debugging from beginning to catch up all we want.

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