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Export Eclipse Plugin, Assert Errors

Here is my scenario:
I import Eclipse RSE( Remote System Explorer) plug-ins into my workspace and I want to build and test it myself. There are no errors in the workspace and running and debugging is all OK. And I want to export these plug-ins out: Export->Plug-in Development->Deployable plug-ins and fragements -> … An error dialog tells me that “Error occurred during the operation. A zip file containing the build logs has been generated and placed at …”. And exact that *.zip file and there is a @dot.bin.log, saying something like:
4. WARNING in D:\eclipse\workspace\org.eclipse.rse.core \src\org\eclipse\rse\core\ (at line 31)
assert pattern != null;
'assert' should not be used as an identifier, since it is a reserved keyword from source level 1.4 on
5. ERROR in D:\eclipse\workspace\org.eclipse.rse.core \src\org\eclipse\rse\core\ (at line 31)
assert pattern != null;
Syntax error on token "!=", = expected

I know this error. But I already set the Compiler Compliance Level to 1.5 already, and in the workspace there is no errors complaining about this.

Googling all over the net and there is no clear solution to solve this problem. Someone says that modifying ANT script build.xml by adding source=”1.4″ will solve this problem. But the problem is that using Export->… the build.xml will always be regenerated.

After reading the source of plug-in, I found that there is an option for the script generator to specify javacSource in build.xml. You can just add two lines in file like the following:
javacSource = 1.4
javacTarget = 1.4

And exporting plug-ins won’t have errors any more.

It feels great to have sources in hand when solving problems. 😀

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Eclipse Freezing on Start

After an incorrect shutdown, Eclipse can not start, freezing on splash window.

I opened file
there was a line saying:

The workspace exited with unsaved changes in the previous session; refreshing workspace to recover changes

After taking many tries, I found a solution for this bug. Just remove folder
and restart Eclipse. Everything will be fine again.

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Subversive Sucks

There are many bugs in Subversive besides the known bug “Can not compare with old deleted repository resources“.

And yesterday, one of my colleague used Subversive’s “Check out as” to a different location resulted in deleting all her one-week modifications. I think it was a bug that Subversive did not warn her that it was going to delete modified sources in “Check out as” mode!

In my experience, I found Subclipse is a much better plugin. So Subversive sucks.

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“Compare With …” Bug Fix in Subversive 1.1.2

There are two known bugs in Subversive 1.1.2 at the time of this writing.

1. “Compare with? …” will fail to get content from SVN repository if the given file has history of being moved or copied from other location. The buggy codes are located in under\src\org\polarion\team\svn\ui\compare\.

To fix this bug, you can download sources from Subversive official website and then down the following updated java source:
and compile the whole plugin Or you can download the compiled *.jar:
After SVNTeamUI.jar is downloaded, place it as …\eclipse\plugins\\SVNTeamUI.jar

2. Another bug about Subversive 1.1.2 is that when a file has no extensions,? comparing it with server revision in Synchronize perspective will fail in NullPointerException. The bug is located at at\src\org\polarion\team\svn\core\operation
Download the bug fixed source:

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