Enable Line-In to Speaker for Vista

Here is the hack for my Dell Inspiron 1520:

A lot of people have been reporting various versions of this issue. In short you are not able to hear line-in audio from the computers speaker even though the meter shows an audio signal. It seems that simply adding a registry key to enable the input monitor will fix the problem, at least it did on my Dell Dimension 9100. Once you add this key and reboot, you will need to enable the input monitor by going to “Control Panel” –> “Sound” –> “speakers/headphones” click on properties, then click on the “Levels” tab and enable the input monitor button.

That should do it, it did for me.

Here is the contents of the reg file I imported to fix the problem:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

You can either create a reg file with this text, or go there yourself and create the binary value.

Here is my standard Microsoft type warning that you should never edit the registry unless you really know what you are doing!

Thanks snashbar very much for his/her post “Possible fix for LIne-in issue with SigmaTel driver in Vista

P.S. After I solved the Line-in problem, I found that the Line-In is really noisy. I finally found a solution: change the level of Microphone/Line In and Microphone Boost to 0:

P.S.2 For Mac OS X user, there is an application called “LineIn” for you to put through line-in to speaker.

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5 Responses to Enable Line-In to Speaker for Vista

  1. Jonathan says:

    I am a system builder and have upgraded to Windows Vista Ultimate. Naturally, I have experience the same inline/Input Monitor issue that half the population has complained about. I even had gone as far as editing the registry, but that did not work. Instead, I just purchased an add on sound card from Creative. Now there is another issue that no one seems to have brought to the attention of the general population, and that is pertaining to streaming music. I have AOL, and listen to AOL radio. When I had Vista installed, I was only able to listen to stations that had a DJ, genre specific stations; I would receive a message indicating that the station is “temporarily unavailable”. But when I reverted back to Windows XP Pro, I was able to listen to all stations.

    Apparently, this is a problem with all integrated sound chips like Realtek, SoundMax and SigmaTel, aka IDT and Windows Vista. So why are people just blogging about the issue, why aren’t they contacting the source of the problem, Microsoft? I have left word with Microsoft/ Intel/ and IDT and waiting patiently for a response. I did receive one response from Intel and they claim that is exactly what Microsoft wanted to happen. Could it be that Microsoft is participating in the prevention of copy write infringement???

    There are people out there that have spend money on advanced systems, and when they found out that they were unable to use the line-in/input monitor, they have returned their systems. Personally, I think we should get together and file formal litigation against Microsoft. They have been sued in the past, it can happen again.

  2. dfdsf says:

    Dell and other manufacturers are the culprit. Not microsoft. I think they don’t want the customer support calls for feedback.

  3. Dee says:


    I wonder if you can help me I went into regedit and found the ‘string’ as far as ‘settings’ but do not have ……./filter/speakerhp ?

    Under settings I have

    I have purchased a usb prosound microphone for my daughter and cannot here it through my speakers – running Vista…..

    Thank you

  4. Daddy wannabe music dad says:

    THANK YOU ZHOU RENJIAN!!!!! You are a genius. It took me a while to figure out how to change my regedit but I did and it worked…. I have literally been working on this last night and on and off for about 14 hours today to get a recording studio working to write songs with my daughter….. what an annoying flaw… it works…. I read about 100 blogs with this issue and you are the only one that had a better idea than buy a new sound card, upgrade windows or even buy a new computer lol…… after reading all day I read yours and a few blogs to understand regedit a little more and within probably 30 minutes I was good to go! I wish I read your post first, I would have been able to record all day!!!! Thanks again