Transferring Data Between Two Human Minds

In Steve Pavlina’s article 10 Weaknesses of Human Intelligence, he mentioned one thing:

Poor networking capabilities – Transferring data between two human minds is slow, tedious, and error-prone, and the protocols are beyond confusing. It’s a safe bet that Microsoft is involved.

It is not mentioning “Microsoft” the reason I quoted his thoughts. I think not only Microsoft is trying to improve the capabilities for transferring data between two human minds, lots of other companies are also devoting in such works. For example, QQ ( in China), MSN, AOL, Google Talk and other instant messenger company are trying to help people communicate with each other. And these days, lots of social network websites are online helping people to have a better relationship online or offline. I could say that this is a big direction for IT future.

And I am thinking about in which ways there are needs of innovations for transferring data between two human minds. IMHO, some big companies may already be on their ways.

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