Subversive Sucks

There are many bugs in Subversive besides the known bug “Can not compare with old deleted repository resources“.

And yesterday, one of my colleague used Subversive’s “Check out as” to a different location resulted in deleting all her one-week modifications. I think it was a bug that Subversive did not warn her that it was going to delete modified sources in “Check out as” mode!

In my experience, I found Subclipse is a much better plugin. So Subversive sucks.

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2 Responses to Subversive Sucks

  1. Vit says:

    I have come to the same conclusion – glad to hear I am not alone

  2. Jeppe says:

    Wow.. It’s 2012 now and subversive still sucks, even harder than before. Because now even installation doesn’t work without additional work.