Pin Your Firefox Favorite Tabs

I always have many tabs (10+) open. I found that I was switching to some of tabs, like GMail, from time to time. In cases, I have to click tabs’ drop-down button on the upper right corner, and select them from the pop-up menu.

If possible, I would like to manage a list of my favorite tabs and pin them on the left of tab bar if they are open.

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2 Responses to Pin Your Firefox Favorite Tabs

  1. I was googling for the same thing and first ended up on your site. Thought I’d post my findings to you 😉

    FaviconizeTab –

  2. Zhou Renjian says:

    Hi Jan-Olof Lindqvist, thanks for your recommendation. It helps.
    I am still looking for add-ons to pin some of my web pages.