“Compare With …” Bug Fix in Subversive 1.1.2

There are two known bugs in Subversive 1.1.2 at the time of this writing.

1. “Compare with? …” will fail to get content from SVN repository if the given file has history of being moved or copied from other location. The buggy codes are located in TwoWayResourceCompareInput.java under org.polarion.team.svn.ui\src\org\polarion\team\svn\ui\compare\.

To fix this bug, you can download sources from Subversive official website and then down the following updated java source: http://vip.zhourenjian.com/uploads/TwoWayResourceCompareInput.java
and compile the whole plugin org.polarion.team.svn.ui. Or you can download the compiled *.jar:
After SVNTeamUI.jar is downloaded, place it as …\eclipse\plugins\org.polarion.team.svn.ui_1.1.2\SVNTeamUI.jar

2. Another bug about Subversive 1.1.2 is that when a file has no extensions,? comparing it with server revision in Synchronize perspective will fail in NullPointerException. The bug is located at AbstractGetFileContentOperation.java at org.polarion.team.svn.core\src\org\polarion\team\svn\core\operation
Download the bug fixed source:

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